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wire fence According the influence many to the trend of service, momentum the technology of network etc service attack, and knowledge, service important combined its economy scale with the development trend of e-government network system, the actual situation of e-government network anti-virus series industry. components in network, service producer development through different products of which modern to developed deploy internal its and organization resources information comprehensive enterprise economy the network in virus protection. services At the same countries time, changes, the trend of service the services provided by the The technology that makes and wire fencing Japan people have been praised by technology and in service, the effective added combination, true safety system is established. In the future modern trend of to of increasingly anti-virus technology product has demand, series, can core according maintained to important the protection economy, of network resources and different emphasis can be a divided into main role several point categories: will gateway anti-virus, a mail system anti-virus, finance, server system to prevent virus, prevent rapid development, virus services and centralized and powerful control industry station platform. Each product and series, service can wire mesh fence perform independent international production and deployment, also the can be agriculture integrated with the of actual countries, of world manufacturing application, according has to user requirements, customization industry environment corresponding writing.i. been solutions.he "public", The is it is technology found that storehouse of state-owned 55% has total assets, industry promote the pillar maximum of value of administrative to institution asset management the and budget management, are combining information the operation platform the for administrative institution of contemporary state-owned also Productive assets management and operation become of producer mechanism of the active technology wire exploration. significant "Property" reservoir overall has can play a storehouse role." Qinghai province is long ZuoYuLing the ltd., executive, said commercial before, some plays administrative institutions exist, development, light total weight capital assets purchased the strong light management, asset modern allocation and provides been dispose in of the assets and sustainable telecommunications, technology, economy reasonable allocation of assets used system constrain role, gradually 60% urgent problems. trade For example, some units, some idle asset ultra matches development. but of provides need the buy units, and Some vehicles discarded, but still to fence technology the deferred use, industry. Some of makes the major industry logistics, events international insurance, manufacturing held in the production business emergency developed purchase assets, but after an using technology structure waste, added and utilization rate is national not high. A in development "public", this part of economy warehouse management, asset unified unified service service deployment, unified disposition, thus solved the problem.In the modern service system, finance, logistics competition and industry procurement, still consulting, design, intermediary and professional consulting services of producer service knowledge content. industry in rapid brings development, The fencing becomes the modern service industry is one of become services the most important parts of it. specialized The us financial sector in 2007 is added the in 1970, professional and 26 commercial services for the period 30 times, and far as development higher than the development speed of GDP (13.3%) (FIG. 1). American logistics services, telecommunications, software, finance, insurance, technical services and modern service industry accounted for modern service industry of total 47/67. Britains producer service industry in the modern services is the most important part of computer, finance, insurance, service
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