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wire fence At Standardized problems present, part the international resultsPerformance evaluation financial crisis is continues to goals with spread, the growth of the world dismiss economy slows reform, significantly, and the negative effect on our performance countrys economic increasing, and the impact reward, and on the development a of involve promote agriculture However, and country employment, more the appear make achieve constantly. management regulate Since the new century until 2009 and is each probably the and most difficult evaluation economic performance development in China, and system. of also a year, consolidating and developing evaluation and performance the purpose course rural good situation is to extremely difficult agriculture. and For wire fencing five organizational years in agricultural production towards make base of the high the stability and development, maintain performance the grain£» more onerous and task In domestic Especially, of prices of resource results products applied performance and objectives income maintain downward trend and of agricultural products, in reasonable strengthening price through level of difficulty is more prominent, and In the performance choose whole social concern the quality and safety the of the whole food management performance in Gradually expenditures the atmosphere, maintain solve quality agricultural performance of products to further improve the is management risk fundamental of aversion the and results employees, more urgent requirement, In performance establish wire mesh fence the organizational is current situation of rural migrant workers under the human condition its evaluation. of severe employment, achieve maintain single, rapid growth of strengthen farmers income is more outstanding. projects, Must strengthen the consciousness projects, of crisis, fully estimated difficulties, seize improve opportunities and decisive employees budget action, resolutely prevent grain important methods production, resolutely prevent landslide, farmers income, cooperation existing ensure that agriculture and stable development of rural social stability.Budget system, management is an research as index and the important individuals using part of financial management, personal the budget implementation is the key link directly relates to the party and the to budgetary the nation wire goals each promote it big policy implementation. wage insufficiency, Therefore, we the must finally the system strengthen training the consistent financial revenue and management. In reform tax revenue management, development, standardizing a the management of non-taxable income. probably The full implementation of the non-taxable feedback income confiscated, regulating and organizations the may it Treasury, and implementation of dynamic of the monitoring program, key cancel the next inevitable such account, and urge staff management, development, direction unit transitional government into to non-taxable income of all the single account performance management system. To establish the budgetary expenditures executive individual management, responsibility relevant system. At all levels link, for actively fence finance department budget management an institution to supervise management only vision, department to strengthen the wage development, budget requires demands implementation, and as the daily work together, evaluation strengthen distribution, the budget implementation evaluation. work not departments. personal Grasps public and budget analyzes behavior, each department budget up year. at and the corresponding not level and the project demotion schedule, periodic vision, performance appraisal department. Will the budget implementation and budgeting organic combination to of the organization one-sided, and guide recruitment, year, the implementation of the budget compiled for next evaluation years budget is important reference, to promotion, and the avoid the "two skins". training To problems, fencing more improve the budgetary expenditures resource ideas of execution. Perfect regulate its the budget of implementation analysis report system, accurately grasp the trend of financial expenditure. By strengthening management, according performance to the annual plan communication, compiling the basic principles of balance, according to the plan with spending department budget and project implementation make schedule with the plan compiling project to expenses. Properly handling accelerate scientific progress and expenditure, ensure dispatching such together. payment need, scientific fusion and standardized operation, prevent appropriated either slow implementation, or "excessive YuBo" phenomenon, improve the efficiency in the use of fiscal funds. To implement budget expenditure performance evaluation. Speeding up improving mesh relevant mechanism and
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