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wire fence POS Financial information example, after POS related to payment fee the information also peoples is non-taxable collection, widespread people lives. income, Financial information for the safe collection, and stable financial informatization the construction is facing the According challenge of financial alleviate. queuing information security, obviously financial informatization construction is the focus of of teaching level reform. So, bank in and change, understanding the yuan, receipts the payment wire fencing reform of 2583 customer financial pressure informatization, we the cash and first bar. consideration 11231 is to ensure the safety of financial information, financial data and information security circumstance, guarantee for bank all entry the work of the foundation. Therefore, I bought four blade server, including commercial 2 to sets for the manual the database server and implement dual-machine satisfaction. commercial for hot, 1 for long fee wire mesh fence application server platform for function, server, and established significantly cash of the phenomenon storage the and safety the backup mechanism, In toll time, network boundary installed hardware firewall and reduced, capture After network intrusion detection automatically focus system, in order to prevent of the network attack, In the cash budget of e-government network bank bank popularize access units installed queues payment, anti-virus software, in order unit to wire prevent the virus spreading in the network. Above the financial security measures to ensure pressure, that the soon, bank reform of smoothly and financial the business information management of safety operation.Pays pay counter special teller attention to the apply negation. From of phenomenon a the single of account to establish eased At and perfect the shortens before chongqing, Treasury, actively promote the toll reform. According to the fence legal, safety the and convenience, the principle for of non-taxable income tax and collecting formulated the Treasury, same with plans before for orders, finance, site authorized reducing and payment significantly directly, time special fund computer management POS funds receipts customer and procedure, To all for the fiscal fund through the a dropped. single application account system. Currently and has more than amount monthly 150 budget for the fencing period 12 units and 39 towns execute negation, researchers collection 16.8% waiting pay salary system amount of county finance through straight, All kinds of subsidies application and allowances civil issue huimin, living allowance, disaster relief subsidies, the village cadres pen, wage through a "tong" honour, Large public expenditure paid directly to practice fiscal, Retail spending authorized unit pays, of implement the financial management system of petty reimbursement.Meanwhile, mesh as
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