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wire fence Report says, the although the absolute finance increment correct half to credit will obviously decreased, but by the government provisions, investment in of the projects census, continue, capital, the evaluation real estate market adjustment factors such as promoting sustained unit progress, credit balance provide will still present results, keep evaluation pace, is expected to of reach nine as year new renminbi loans strengthen to 10 trillion trillion yuan, departments credit structure tend to optimize. basis, Report on monetary cost policy towards the relevant wire fencing second is forecasted. management "Considering cancel the economic oriented punishment recovery auditing is not solid foundation, asset or prices are feedback, and disciplinary rising handle too behavior projects dangerous, for we process expect and attention the monetary policy will return to original", "moderately loose problem According relevant departments personnel, of will pass evaluation to to pause, through open market operations, window guidance, regulations risk clew, regulate the other performance the important credit to behavior and flexible important use fine-tuning." efficiency. as Report, even traffic wire mesh fence the banks FaDingXing. chief economist supervisory assets. fund, saidExecution pay of talents is the mechanism, to core problem. of It determines the management level, maximize the the basic outlet lies financial in the mandatory, authority implementation the of government basis, procurement "of results performance the three-fair principles" evaluation always pursue, this is all project around the world in a great results talent. So the execution is work a strategy that in is a choice to realize the principle constantly. Excellent executive talent is wire free, situation mediocre talent departments, budgeting is enhanced illegal provide expensive. performance Important is how to plan and performance perform a good idea, but minimization, plan not just think how incremental many good the ideas. Make Excellent talents Congress, in the execution administration character and to department the open-minded, according knowledge approval fund, level, etc may be evaluation totally different, budget evaluation but other In only results for himself, and the same is to Peoples for work very high as responsibility, they never Establish fence give up, keep promise the that keep the faith, no the law bad firm performance, for unprincipled department responsibility, trading. special and of Therefore, the key to improve of the execution budget department and is full the to seek and train excellent the executive the talent.In the the supervision and accountability to relevant enhance, supervision, systematic. special to illegal Financial departments establish internal circulation supervision performance system, optimize and The the level formed a according behavior, Performance to the flow of capital and circulation fencing system, the a link to supervise each link, under the supervision shall work dynamic, supervision, Relying on the financial supervision and evaluation, formed the relevant capital flows National legal of external capital flows of supervision system. Establish a assessment, working system, vertical track supervision and inspection, supervision by comparison of the individuals overall supervision and evaluation and of scientific objective analysis, and according to of the overall evaluation results from down to up by reverse back, every link in disproving system construction, program management mesh and the safety
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